Thursday, February 7, 2008

In a NuTsHeLL

I don't really know where to begin... To be honest I think it's kinda dumb for us to have a blog cause there's just the 2 of us right now. Not to mention we live within 3 miles of 90% of all our family & friends, but I kept telling a certain sister in law (not to name any names... LESLIE) that I would do one, so here I am!
Well Andrew and I first met about 19 years ago in Mrs Goolds Kindergarten class at Ellis Elementary. I was only there until after first grade and don't really remember much about it, but I did run into that teacher once during High school and she asked me if I still hung out with that Briscoe kid, so from that I am assuming we were friends. I moved away for a while and after coming back Andrew and I ended up attending Junior High and High School together through that time we just became good friends, but never dated cause he was more into High maintenance girls and me into the OLDER guys!!! It wasn't until writing off and on through his mission and just staying friends that our Happily Ever After began now we have been married for almost 2 1/2 years and the more I get used to being married to a playboy the better it gets... I think any Briscoe sister in law can say that being married to a Briscoe boy has some challenges and takes a little getting used to at first, but all and all at the end of the day they are all still happily married and all seem to be worth it! Before I was married I had lived in Utah on my own for 5 years and I was the only girl in my family for 19, so naturally I was pretty used to getting my own way, then you know who came along and was having NONE of that and still managed to sweep me off my feet! We haven't quite walked the kid plank yet, but as most of you already know we have two of the most adorable dogs that you will ever see... First is Deiter he's a little skinny Maltese and weighs less than most new born babies do, but he is a lotta fun and has his own spunky little personality. He's more stubborn, protective, a little yappy (little is putting it lightly) and loves to be anywhere Andrew is! Decker on the other hand is our chuncky little Yorkie who I must say everyone adores. He is just cuddly, loves everyone, doesn't bark much but loves to stir up trouble with Deiter he is our little instigator that likes all the attention...
Well there ya go this is us in a nutshell!